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truth that Marxism primarily points out to us, a truth
which many people have overlooked. We may accept
the idea of an interpretation of history as a thing which
gives us our initial angle, but we must be careful not to*
have everything decided for us beforehand by such an
interpretation- Let us take the hint, perhaps, and decide -
to keep close to earth; but then let us just study history
and go on with mere enquiry. Let us study history and
see where the facts take us and find even delight in facts
as such. And, when quarrels occur, let us go back
again to our history—go back again and study it in still
further detail/


All this, however, gives us only o6e side of the picture.
When I look at the other side, I have to note that partly
owing to crudities and perversions; partly owing to
an entanglement in ideas or prejudices which happened
to be current when the system was being developed
over a century ago; partly owing to the humble
character of many of the people who have followed and
extended the system, and who fell into some of the
pitfalls of self-taught history; partly again owing to
partisanship and polemical intention—in other words,
to the fact that the system has been identified with a
political cause; and, finally, because its devotees have
so often shown rigidity in respect of principles of their
• own which required supreme elasticity of mind—for all
these reasons the men who have actually written Marxist